Private sales

Collections of quality and value for exclusive collectors.


Art Consulting 


Individuals and corporations work with us for specific projects or services, such as acquiring a quality artwork at the best price rough private sales, insurance valuation, custom framing, expert installation, and more.

Collection Management 


We are been active on the international secondary market . We identify Blue Chips artworks around the world, with direct relationships from both the sellers and buyers side.

Avid art collectors engage us as their personal art advisor on an ongoing basis.

Eclectarte® gives expert guidance to build collections of quality and value, and provides collection management services for all aspects of maintaining and expanding art collections.

– Private sales
– Advising collectors on buying and selling
– Support for investments
– Tokenized artworks
– Inventory and evaluation
– Art management
– Art storage/insurance/logistic/framing
– Expert opinions


Selection of artists that we can provide with private sales:

– Andy Warhol
– Alexander Calder
– August Macke
– Auguste Renoir
– Claude Monet
– Edvard Munch
– Emil Nolde
– Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
– Gerhard Richter
– Georges Braque



– Henri Matisse
– Jean Dubuffet
– Jean – Michel Basquiat
– Lucio Fontana
– Mark Rothko
– Max Ernst
– Pablo Picasso
– Wassily Kandinsky

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