Botero's Women

"When they told me that the case for the work would incorporate a slight volume, I thought it would be impossible to do. But when I saw it, I was surprised that the reproduction could be so perfect, so faithful to my original, and at the same time that it had that delicate volume effect."

Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero

Botero created a style of his own that distinguished him and made him stand out from the other artists of his generation. It was a style that became known as “Boterism”, in which volume was the central feature of his paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Still today, Fernando Botero continues to delight us with his voluminous, sensual figures, with his paintings that are critical and social in nature, and with countless projects that have turned him into one of the most-admired, best-known contemporary artists in the international artistic sphere.

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Artika® in partnership with Eclectarte® pays homage to him with Botero’s Women, an artist’s book dedicated to one of the author’s most recurring themes: the female figure. A unique edition numbered and limited to 2,998 copies, created in collaboration with Botero himself.

The work is presented in a case sculpture, designed with a slight relief in honor of his characteristic style, and which reproduces a detail from the painting Head (2006). The two volumes that it houses inside, when joined, configure the same image.

The Art Book includes 45 plates with drawings of multiple suggestive, sensual and expressive female figures, accompanied by quotes from stories by Botero himself. And the Book of Studies, which delves into the work of the master, one comes to understand the scope of a universal painter at the hands of the professor of Art History Lourdes Cirlot.

7.000,00 €



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